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Who Is Wealthwave


WealthWave®, The HowMoneyWorks® Company, has a clear vision, a passionate mission, advanced systems, and strong platforms. Our slogan is 'to disrupt the financial industry so families can dream again.' We're attracting leaders all across North America who are ready to position themselves to eradicate financial illiteracy and pursue the business and future of their dreams.

What's In a Name


The age wave – people living longer – has now become the WealthWave®. People need to know how money really works so they have the best chance of their money lasting as long as they do. Proper steps at every stage of life can help people enjoy the second half of their lives as much as – or even more than – the first. We won't stop until the fear of running out of money has been replaced by the confidence of how to build wealth. That's our 'why' and that's why our name is WealthWave®.

We Serve All Families


As many of the top firms steer their associates away from serving low- and middle-income families to focus on helping the rich get richer, WealthWave® sees vast opportunity. WealthWave® has built their entire company around the chance to provide to every family the same type of financial education, tools, services, and personal care available to the rich. We serve young families, old families, average families, all families. That’s who we are.

We Are a Team of Leaders


WealthWave® is made up of leaders of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels – some of whom have been in business together since the early 1980s. Our mission to teach financial education, improve financial literacy, and match up needs with products and services is taking us all over North America. With new, energetic leaders being added to our ranks every month, you can position yourself with our team at any time.

A Scaleable Business


The WealthWave® model is designed to build distribution. It's The Perfect Wave™ for entrepreneurs who are seeking a business without limits on how much they can earn or how many lives and families they can impact. Success ceilings lead to frustrated and exhausted entrepreneurs. Our system and our platforms are designed to help each business owner own their time so they can work on their business, not in their business. Scalability is the key to successful entrepreneurs who are free to lead their teams and live on their terms.

The Now Generation


Most financial companies are 20 years behind in messaging and relevance. The WealthWave Platform is designed for all generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.

Someone has to step up to help close the income gap between where Americans are today and where they need to be to reclaim the American Dream. That someone is us.

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