Daily planning accountability course


Control Your Day or Your Day Control's You

Most people simply live life as a wandering gerneratliy with no clear focus or planning.  This is one of the top reasons they never accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

What You Continually Focus on Grows

Whether you are in corporate America or a modern-day entrepreneur, where you spend your time and effort is where your growth will occur.  Are you aware of where your focus is really going?

Re-define Your Year for More Explosive Growth

By re-booting your internal calendar you have the potential to accomplish in 3 months what may have taken you an entire year!  Proven techniques with real-world examples will be provided at each course.

Daily Accountability

The easiest person to lie to is yourself.  We have partnered with a company that offers a journal which breaks down your month into weeks, into days, into hours.  Go to: www.begreatlivegreat.com or click the link below and with discount code "Legacy" you will receive a 10% discount.  We'll teach you how a simple daily routine with this journal can revolutionize your life.


Living each day with purpose is what gives life meaning.  If you currently go to bed without planning your tomorrow, you are leaving so much up to circumstances and obstacles.  Let us teach you a proven, effective system to accomplish more than you've ever done before.

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