Helping you FIND, SAVE, GROW, & PROTECT your MONEY

Helping you FIND, SAVE, GROW, & PROTECT your MONEY

Helping you FIND, SAVE, GROW, & PROTECT your MONEYHelping you FIND, SAVE, GROW, & PROTECT your MONEYHelping you FIND, SAVE, GROW, & PROTECT your MONEY

We Are The How Money Works Company

Be our Guest as we roll out the Green Carpet


WealthWave is THE financial education company of Texas!

Join us as we roll out the Green Carpet (literally) to share financial concepts as well as important financial products/services that many

Americans have never been taught.  

Monthly How Money Works Master Classes


On the Friday evenings of the dates above we will hold a How Money Works Master Class presented by a local expert on a financial topic that affects most individuals and families in Texas. 

Topics for 2020 include: Understanding Your 401k, Long Term Care, College Savings Options, Ins and Outs of Life Insurance, Fundamentals of Saving and Investing, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning, Effective Retirement Strategies and more!  Visit our Facebook page for event details:

About US


Building Connections

True connections are built by learning and listening to the needs of others.  Bryan has been networking with people across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico over two decades.  Everyone has something to contribute and life is more exciting when we learn about others.


A Philosophy for the Future

There are NO limits in this world other than the ones you place on yourself.  Embrace the ever changing world and let Bryan teach you how to harness the power of health and wealth to overcome the challenges that arise from day to day life. 


How Money Works

Bryan is an accomplished speaker with audiences ranging from small groups to over 30,000.  His training and motivation seminars are high-energy but seem to always have the emotion of a heartfelt discussion with your best friend.  He always brings his passion for seeing others succeed.  

His passion is educating others on the 7 Money Milestones.  Personal Finance isn't taught in school.  Contact us to have Bryan teach any number of financial topics at your office, church, home or kitchen table.



Leaving your Legacy

Your Legacy is the only thing that will last the ages.  Bryan helps you define what you desire in a legacy.  Discover what motivates you to fulfill that desire; then develop a plan to attack each day to leave your mark on this world.


Women Empowerment Workshops

Bronwyn Osburn spearheads our women's empowerment division.  Focusing on topics important to modern day women.  Workshops include: Wine, Women, Wealth and Wisdom, Dealing with Divorce, Self Love, From Stay Home Mom to Momprenuer, Health & Wealth and much more.


Sales Training Courses

With over 1,000 licensed agents in his financial practice, Bryan has learned how to motivate and train a sales force.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge on the sales process with others so they can effectively communicate with clients, team members and centers of influence to create mutually beneficial outcomes. 


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